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Lecture 2

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Human Biology
Stephen Wright

Lecture 2Chapter 3Independent Assortment of Genespg 8193To make a superior genotype combine desirable alleles into one linehave to intercross two at a timeDepends on whether the two genes are on the same chromosome pair on on different chromosomes pairs if are on different chromosomesactindependently at meiosisthe alleles of two heterozygous gene pairs show INDEPENDENT ASSORTMENTIndependent assortment unlinked or distantly linked segregating gene pairs assort independently at meiosisApplies more so to genes on different chromosomesGenes on the same chromosome usually do NOT assort independentlyare held together by the chromosome itself31 Mendels Law of Independent Assortmentif two genes are on DIFFERENT chromosomes the gene pairs are separated by a semi colonAaBbIf are on the SAME chromosome the alleles on one homolog are written adjacentlyare separated from those on the other homolog by a slash ABAb or AbaBHeterozygote for a single genemonohybrid double heterozygoteAaBbdihybridDihybrid a double heterozygote Dihybrid cross a cross between two individuals identically heterozygous at two lociAaBb x AaBbParental GRR yy x rrYYF1 RrYy F2 selfed F1roundyellowroundgreen wrinkledyellow wrinkledgreen 9331 ratiotwo 31 ratios combined at random1111 gametic ratio
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