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Human Biology
Stephen Wright

rd LECTURE 14 March 3 Quantitative traits = complex traits Variation in average differences in genotypes between individuals AND environmental variation that gives phenotypic variation Environmental variation because of food, climate, illnesses, etc. Maristic traits class of discrete traits Discrete traits either or traits; single-gene traits MARISTIC TRAITS: Whole-number range of values possibilities are not infinite Ex. number of progeny Additive inheritance and incomplete dominance Additive gene action in heterozygote, exactly intermediate of the two homozygotes o This occurs with additive effects Incomplete dominance is example of additive gene action o Heterozygote has trait value or state that is intermediate quantitatively between the two homozygous classes but NOT EXACTLY INTERMEDIATE o This occurs because of environmental variation Mutations in few genes cause familial hypercolesteremia Still single-gene diseasedisorder Because any one of the many genes is mutated can result in this Heterozygotes Blurring of lines o Genotypically heterozygote but phenotypically homozygous can result because of environmental influence TODAYs lecture quantitative trait analysis Phenotype = E and genotype How much is due to genetic variation? Broad sense extend of phenotypic variation that is attributed to genetic variation, all types of genetic variation Can be quantified by Hsquared (representing broad sense) Vp = Vg + Ve Values range between 0 and 1 o There is no env effect if 1 all variation caused by genetic effects
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