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Human Biology
Stephen Wright

LECTURE 16 March 102011 Tomato size is quantitative trait correlations are made Marker loci and QTL associations found when different genotypes of the marker loci are CORRELATED with different average phenotypes or different mean trait values Thats when correlation seen No association if different marker genotypes all have same average trait value Rarely allows you to find gene of interest so narrowing down gene to specific chromosomal interval, which is normally 10cMorgans in size still pretty large Sometimes there are hundreds of genes within interval how know which gene controls quantitative traits? Other techniques are used todays lectures focus Inbred lines are created of these two separate types ThesE Inbred lines are isogenic SAME GENES OR ALLELE COMBINATIONS EXCEPT FOR LOCI THAT CONTROL THE QUANTItative trait This was done with tomato size Circled is the markers Gene responsible is one of the circled next slide identifies the gene responsible Look and find more closely spaced markers Different individuals for marker loci that are more closely spaced To fine-map locus Also create recombinant inbred lines called near-isogenic lines or NILs Only dealing with one quantitative trait locus when create these lines With recombinant inbred lines only focusing on one region that encompasses one quantitative trait locus So how are these lines generated? o Inbreed selected individuals down line o Cross individuals from F2 o Called single-seed descent o Creates ladder-like mosaic o Occurs because of maternal and paternal allele combinations down length of chromosome o Try to decrease interval that this QTL is in by increasing number of markers Frary slide Recombinant linbred LINES Were genotypes and their marker genotypes were compared with each other And therefore the area of interest was DECREASED Distance in cMorgans have decreased
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