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Human Biology
Maria Papaconstantinou

Diagnosing schiz: using dms4 -no biological test for it -there are no signs in the brain indicating someone has it if you were to cut open and look at brain -affectflat face not showing emotion -alogia (lack of words), avolition (lack of drive/motivation) John Nash- beautiful mind -was able to continue with his life Natural history -premorbidbefore symptoms -prodromalsome symptoms appear -some children develop it before age 12, will go on to have a severe course of the disease Pathogenesis of schiz -cortical inhibitionmany excitatory neurons inhibited Risk Factors -maternal influenza infection during pregnancyduring second trimester --risk for the child -in urban environment the disease results seem to be worse for schizo patients because more expectations compared to rural Dopamine Hypoth. -parkinsonismoverdose of dopamine associated with developing Parkinson’s disease Haloperidol and D2 Occupancy -useful to tailor treatments because you see what kind of low doses you can get away with… i.e. see how much percentage of the receptors the chemical is binding to (85% usually good amount) Candidate gene approach focuses on one gene or SNIP, unlike whole-genome approach Many of the rare variants are very penetrant com
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