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Human Biology

1/22/2013 7:14:00 AM Lecture 3: Micronutrients State of iron is very important Fe2+, more soluble Take along with vitamin C, for acidic environment for maximum absorption Ferrous Fumerate form is good too, more mild Soid or liquid form Iodine  Integral, deficiency is very serious  From soil, loss of iodine due to glacier melting, ocean has a lot  Heaviest element in human nutrition  3 functions o hormone regulation, critical for thyroid gland o important for the brain and whole nervous system  fetal development  timing is very important for development o altered metabolic rate, slow metabolism  which diets cause iodine deficiency??  Can cause stillbirths and fetal development issues  How is it addressed? o Milk-iodine based antiseptics  Lowering in IQ of the children  Iodine deficiency in the thyroid o Amount of TSH and the amount of T3 and T4 are important for regulating thyroid o Iodine involved in the production of T3 and T4  No longer have negative feedback  AP produces more TSH  Clinical manifestations o Hypothyroidism  Insufficient production of T3 and T4  Can cause a goiter  Fatigue  metabolism  Memory loss irritability  Irregularity in menstrual cycle  Levothyroxine commonly given as treatment  Absorbed only in certain conditions  Taking iron at the same time can hinder absorption  Given in the morning  Must have a certain degree of deficiency before you give a supplement  Increases basal metabolic rate, increases heart rate  Thyroxin also given for weight loss o Cretinism- most severe IDD, during pregnancy too  Stunted growth/ tightened growth  People look like they’ve been compressed  Multiple personalities in one face, deformities  Mental detainment  Thickening of tongue, children can choke on them  Mental retardation  Can neither hear or speak, deaf mutism o Myxedematous cretinism  When child is in womb late in pregnancy or neonatal  Mental retardation  Poor sexual development/maturation Folic acid  Important for the synthesis of many proteins o Muscle and overall body mass  Converted to biologically active form  A lot of overlap between micronutrients  Best absorbed in an acidic conditions, like with vitamin c  Given to pregnant mothers  Occurs during an anemic episode  Folic anemia due to poor absorption  Diarrhea, lack of appetite, lack
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