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Lecture 5

IMM250H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Antigen, Immunoglobulin Light Chain, White Blood Cell

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Dana Philpott

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Contrast Innate and Adaptive Immune System (new info)
o only recognizes common molecular patters
PAMPs using PRRs
o leukocytes
o recognize any molecular patter
Antigens (macromolecules) using antigen receptors
o lymphocytes
Can tumors have antigens
Can bodily cells have antigens?
Yes, major driver in auto immune diseases
Can transplanted tissues have antigens?
Yes - "neo" antigens
What do T cells do?
Binds to peptide antigen that need not be on the surface of the pathogen that fits TCR and
then secrete cytokines and molecular killers
What do B cells do?
Binds to protein/carbohydrate antigen that's on the surface that fits BCR and secretes
antibodies which are soluble BCRs
What is the stricture of BCR?
Y - chain that binds 2 antigens at light chains (gamma/lamba) and a TM heavy chain
What is the stricture of TCR?
A pair of parallel alpha and beta chains
How can a T cell see inside a cells?
A virally infected cell can have degraded proteins (peptides) which can bind to an
intracellular antigen presenting molecule which then can travel to the PM and face
the extracellular domain thus being exposed to TCR
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