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Missed first 10 mintes Lecture March 13 th Influenza:  Negative strand: carries the template of what it replicates to infiltrate cells  Acidic composition of the endosome of the infiltrated cells causes transformational change to cause virus envelope to attach to endosome and release viral components ….  WHO makes vaccine  Use fertilized chicken eggs o Strip it of its RNA, but not the proteins o Dominant protein is hemagluttinin  1918: started as a normal flu, disappeared, came back stronger  1997: H5N1 o hemagluttinin 5 never infected humans before o 57% mortality o sialic acid: sugar on the membrane o our upper airways have the 2-6 SA linkage o but deep in lungs is where 2,3 SA linkage is  likely this is why the mortality was so high, too deep in the lungs to contain o birds have alpha 2,3 linkage throughout, thus the infection is systemic o
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