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Lecture 7

IMM250 Lecture 7 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Ratcliffe

IMM250 Lecture 7 – HIV Slide 5 – So what is a retrovirus?  HIV = retrovirus = RNA virus = RNA is infectious  Make vaccine that interfere with viral life cycle but not host (RNA  DNA does not happen in host cells) Slide 8 – Animal origins of HIV  Highly related virus with the same symptoms but present in different species  Requires blood contact for transmission  No HIV epidemic because transmission of HIV is limited  We must continue to vaccinate the human population Slide 9 – The HIV virus  Two copies of RNA  Reverse transcriptase (RNA as template  DNA)  gp41 and gp120 are encoded by HIV Slide 10 – The retroviral life cycle  30% of genome is made of provirus (double stranded DNA integrated into host chromosome)  May or may not elicit symptoms Slide 11 – HIV infection of target cells  gp120 (HIV) binds to CD4 (T cells)  gp120 conformational change  gp120 (HIV) binds to CCR5 or CXCR4 (T cells)  gp41 conformational change  gp41 (HIV) binds and fuses with membrane  RNA is delivered into the cell Slide 13 – Reverse transcription of viral RNA (RNA  DNA)  DNA-RNA hybrid is unstable  Host enzymes degrade RNA  Second strand synthesized by DNA polymerase  Reverse transcriptase is one of the original targets for retrovirus Slide 15 – Proviral DNA is transcribe to generate viral RNA and proteins  LTR required for reverse transcriptase  5’ LTR contains strong promoter sequences that drive the transcription of genes Slide 16 – Budding of new virus from infected cells  gp160
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