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IMM334 TutorialNovember 14 2011 B cell coreceptor Formed by three componentscomplementary receptor type 2 part transducing signal from outside to inside cell cd19 cd81 o Cd81 function unknowno Cd19 not known whether cd19 has ligand or noto By binding complement c3dgligand for cr2 Cr2 expressed on b cell and when antigen bound by the bcr has complement fragments called c3dg on membrane the coreceptor will increase activation status of the b cellso binding through the bcr is always necessary essential This will decrease threshold of b cell activation Less antigen is necessary to activate the b cell if the coreceptor is also transducing a signal Transducing signalling subunit will activate somehow a crk kinase pi3 kinase will be involved y Pi3 kinase necessary to modify one of the phosphor inositol molecules lipids intoy Pip2 into pip3y From biphos
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