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20 best answer questions 20 multiple choice questions Tutorial October 17 2011 Life span of conventional B cells determined by recirculationlecture 5 Immature B cells go through selection process During selection process they encounter self antigens within bone marrow which is where B development takes placeAfter development B cells go through negative selection process o B cells highly reactive with antigens o Eliminated by clonal deletion or receptor editing process B cell receptors crosslinked by strongly interactive selfantigensAlso situation in which B cell receptor recognize self antigen but its affinity not strong enough to induce neither clonal deletion or editing processo Soluble selfantigeno Induce bit of activationresult in different outcome ANERGYo Diff from mature B cellsCoexpression of IgM and IgD is sign of mature naive B cell Anergic cells do migrate to periphery but EXPRESS low levels of IgM cannot respond to antigen even when T cell help is provided Active process of rendering cells unable to respond to antigen Different behaviour from normalmature B cells y Cannot enter folliclesy B cell area full of lymphocytes which compete for growth factorso Receive less survival signals than normal mature B cellso Not able to enter B follicles in lymphoid tissues
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