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IMM334November 21 2011 Questions HSC not found in the spleenAre rareCapable of renewalFound in bone marrow or fetal cells Primary lymphoid tissues are thymus and bone marrow Spleen and lymph nodes do not have in common red pulpRed pulp in spleenorgan filtering blood of antigen site for removing old red blood cells Immunoglobulincannot neutralize intracellular virus Can achieve cellular cytocity through Fc receptor Complement activation Neutralization opsonisationCDR Are found in the Fc fragment of Ig o Interact with antigeno Both in heavy and light chainso Not limited to V gene segmenthypervariable region three is composed by junction of different segments where N and P nucleotides found important for diversity Are not found in heavy chains Are encoded by V gene segments entirely Are only found in heavy chains Are encoded by sequences assembled during Ig gene rearrangementcorrect Allotypes isotypes idiotypesAllotype is product of polymorphisms in the con
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