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LECTURE 03HEV facilitate trafficking of lymphoid cells from blood to lymphoic compartment of lymph noidsB and T cells require signals for activation First described by VBVB identified these substances in blood not presennt in nonimmunized people but apeared in circulation of immunized pplThese antibody molecules predominantly molecules with wieght of 150 He broke disulfide bonds so molecule fell apart to four fragments with diff weights ERGO antibdoy defined as being defined of having two heavy chains two light chains Porterdiff approachuse proteolytic enzymes to cleave antibody molecule Rationale being that proteins most fairly resistent to proteolytic degration unless have exposed regions of polypeptide chains that are more suseceptible to cleavage by proteolytic enzymesFc fragments contain pieces of heavy chain but no light chain Fab fragments contain both heavy and light chain determinants Results in three fragmentsnot identicaltwo were identical that can bind to antigen The third fragment did not have antigen binding capacity but under appropriate salt conditions can be crystallizedThese fragments called Fc fragments because can be crystalized and Fab fragments because can bind antigens Edelman and porters data combined together Dark green 0 heavy chains Light yellowlight chains Disulfide chains btw light and heavy chainsBasic structure described by porter correctDifferences in structure they are all based on this combination of heavy and light chains Cleave above bond Arms liberated independent of each other as Fab fragments Papain is one of proteolytic enzymealternate is pepsin that cleaves in set of positions down from disulfid bond that hold heeavy chains together This liberates fragment called Fab prime two fragmentFab held togehte rby disulfid bonds Fab is monomericsingle antigen binding pocketFab prime twodimericimportan consequences of strength of interaction of antigen to antibody moleculesfragments Small peptide remnants and pfc prime Hinge region has flexibility
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