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04Ig like domains are frequently seen in otehr types of molecules not limited to immunoglobulins Interactions btw antibody and antigen and how this intearction based on recognition of epitopes on surface of anitgens by antibodies Affinty of this interactionno covalent bonds Affinitysingle epitope and single antigen binding site of antibody Avidityvalence of interaction btw antigen and antibody IGM molecule binding to bacterial flagellum withmultitouch attachmentsIGM molecules have high avidity Different isotypes of antibodykappa versus lamba light chains two distinct light chain types functionally equivalentClasses and subclasses have differing functions evolved different functions Difference between isotypesclassess subclassesAllotypesgenetic polymorphisms btw individuals when considering particular class or subclass of antibody Ideotypesmarkers of immunoglobulin b region domainslight and heavy chains Constant And variable domains Variabilityclustered at hypervariable regions Two models Southern blot of DNA from germ line sperm and identified genetic fragment that corresonded to constant region and anotehr to the v region With restriction enzymes specific sizes of fragments in germ line DNA Constant regions the same with B cell V region differentdifferent restriction enzyme sites First example of gene that underwent rearrangement in some form in some cell So DNA in B cells at immunoglobulin locus different from DNA in germline Igimmunoglobulin Germline comes from sperm But this germline pattern in all cells of body EXCEPT FOR B CELLSIg light chain can be broken down into four segments of DNA C at 3 prime end J segment encodes rest of VL segment Leader sequence required for export of protein into Golgi and export from cell Varialb eregion of protein encoded by two segments V and Jimpact on how diversity of Ig is generated Rearrangement event is rearrangement of V region to J segment VJ segment together encodes VL gene domain Rearranement hapens at DNA level of cellVJ arrangement
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