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06 T cells derive from thymus right above heart in btw lungs T cells like B cellsantigen specific Diversity of T cells generated by somatic recombination Also undergo clonal expansion when activated Unlike b cellshuoralproduce antibodiesT cells provide cellular imunity TCR v similar to Fab fragment of Ig Constant and variable regions of light and heavy chain Antigen binding site at most distal portion of molecule T cell receptor ALWAYS membranebound Dimer of two different chainsalpha and beta chains Both are glycoproteins Cysteine residuesallow disulfide bonddimer receptor Transmembrane region fits into membrane Recognize peptide antigen which are fragments of protein Top figurethree diff epitopesIg recognize epitopes exposed at surfce of proteins recognize two kinds of epitopes Linear epitopesformed by continuos amino acids Conformational epitopesdistant portions of amino acids segments on protein brought together when protein folds TCR recognitionrecognize peptide drived from proteinsome peptide epitopes epxosed at surface like blueTCR access to peptide antigen not accesible to Ig because buried in protein when protein folds How are these buried epitopes accessible to Tcesll Proteins from which antigenic peptides derived frommust be processed by antigen presenting cellsMHC Natural t cells after selection process in thymus recognize combination of peptide and MHC molecule After maturation recognize foreign peptide antigen and peptides presented by self MHC molecules from host Selection process in thymus educates TCRs and T cells to be tolerant to self peptide antigen only recognize froeignself vs nonself discrimination One TCR specific to one peptideMHC complex Large diversity in repertoire that allows for recognition of large variety of antigen 30 000 receptor molecules each with Different T cells in repertoire respond to diff peptides
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