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02JResolved that if immunize Balbc mouse with syngeneic spenocytes coated with TNP able to generate Killer cells that did not kill Balbc targets did not kill these targets coated with NP etcsee prev lecturedidnt kill any c56 targets From that concluded that killer cells generated in this balbc immunized didnt recognized TNP alone rather recognized TNP in conjunction with MHC suggestedMHC proven to be important in restricting T cell funciton by making another congenic animal Balbb which is Balbc crossed with c57 C57 black c Proven that TNP had bound to every molecules but the important molecule was MHC Concluded that it is self MHC that is restricting function of T killer cells generated in either balbc or c57 black mouse Killer cells NOT ALWAYS CD8 positive cells expression of CD4 and CD8 denote restriction specificity of that T cell NOT its function The expression of CD4 If a T cell is CD8 positive function is restricted by MHC class oneif 4 positive function restricted by MHC class 2 Measlesthe T cells that warded off that virus were all CD4 positive T cell all MHC class 2 restricted MHC class 2 highly restrictedoften dependent on state of activation of the cell in questionB cells for example Unlike immunoglobulin loci allotypes the expression of MHC is not allelically restricted If you are balb c mouse and expressing IgA allotype and C57 expressing IgB allotype F1 will be heterozygous for allotypes A and Bdenoted as IgABlook at any given B cell in F1 expressing either IgA or IgB not bothfrom different B cells In contrast MHC expression not same way allelically excludedin F1 animal every cell in that F1 animal for MHC class 1 CTL assay assumed killer cells are eight positivefunction is restricted by same MHC that the effector cell itself expresses MHC expressed by this T cell is superscript on left hand side of T cell is H2bRight side of arrowH2b restricts cell functionleft side of arrow H2b is what is expressed Does the H2b on right side be the same as the H2b on the left side Question asked in pancan separate T cell based on specificity of T cell receptor Balbcisolate T cellsnonactivatedevery T cell will express H2d will have receptor that recognize antigens 1 through n and capacity to recognize that antigen restricted by h2d Put the population on pan coated with APCgeneric APC expressing H2d because derived from balbc mouse and added antigen x APC immobilized on dish T cell population not Four degreeslow temperaturesno activation T cell that recognizes antigen x will bind to APClooking for binding just
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