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03JuliusRole of positive selection in shaping the TC repertoire Then accessory activation moleculescd4 and cd8good correlation between cd4 expression and function of helperor expression of cd 8 and killer cell function BUT not 100 percent correlationexpression of cd4 and MHC class 2 restricted TCR correlates perfectly ditto for cd8 and MHC class 1 restricted TCR White lie is alloreactivityMHC is source of a thousand antigens to TCRs within the species Thymic epithelium positively selects MHC function negatively selects for T cells able to recognize self with high affinityif these mature and exit thymus into periphery autoimmune disease Through chimeras can dissociate MHC expressed by TC from that which restricts its function P1 into F1complete associationp1 MHC function restricted by p2 MHCconvinced that MHC restriction is receptor ligand interaction Reverse of last week F1 into P1 H2 dxantigen is associated with H2d But H2d also means it has peptide a self peptide that is NOT x Means no killingis killing F1 to F1 is controlsame as F1so protocol not changing the results P1 is H2d P2 is H2bno self reactive H2d cellscan rescue P1 specific populationthats expressed on thymic epithelium No alloreactivity to b do not rescue population of x specific T cells whose function is restricted to H2b Only source of H2d is on stem cells H2b on the stem cells but not on the thymus epitheliumno positive selection of H2b seleted repertoire First negatively selection for TCbroken line repertoire results becaue eliminated self reactive TCsPositively selected two distinct TC populationsboth expressing H2dbone whos function is H2d and other H2bdistinct because physically separated on pan Stem cell identicaldistinction is whats expressed on thymic epitheiumdifference is lack of B Negatiely select for H2d and h2bMHC must be epxressed on thymic epithelium Do not hae p2 expressed on thymic epithelium Positive selectionwhat is one thymic epithelium Negativewhat is ever in the bagCells ontop of one anther in this bagexpress TCR that is high affinity self expressed by these T cells developing in Thymusnegatiely selecteddo not need thymic epitheium
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