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Dana Philpott

LECTURE January 25 Last weeks class Commensal flora, mechanical forces, etc. maintain mucusoal surfaces clear of infection BARRIERS extremely efficient Innate and adaptive come into play only when these barriers fail Two organisms capable of entering bodies, bypassing the barrier Innate immunity AKA inborn Use innate system to defend self against infection In these lower organisms, innate immunity the only system for protection Innate immunity Present in all mutlicellular organisms VERSUS adaptive system - relatively recent in evolutionary time o Unique to vertebrate animals Set number of recognition molecules encoded in genetic material cannot be modified receptors have evolved to detect patterns of microbes that do not change in the huge diversity of microbes VERSUS adaptive system adaptive immune system infinite number of recognition molecules immediatley active cells VERSUS adaptive system cells need the innate system to prime these cells in order to attack No memory VERSUS adaptive system, memory of infection see an organism once, see it a second time, body extremely efficient quick to get rid of the infection Competent immune system yellow line The normal response most individuals have to an infection Infection first controlled by innate system BUT lacking adaptive system do not clear from body Organisms win Likely will grow to adulthood Absence of innate immunity most serious consequences Infections cannot be controlled at all These people die early in childhood likely Really, both systems required Discovery of the innate immune system
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