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January 19 2012 Tutorial premidterm TBA Do not use answers to guide answerMidterm two is NOT CUMULATIVE40 MC questionstype 1 and type 2 questionsIf Long term prime B cellstheir activation require linked recognition and this LR ws MHC restrictedWhat B cells reconizes needs to be pysically associated with what T cells recognizeB cell will indirectly using hapten carrier system will indirectly acquire Bystander B cell responsenonspecific immunoglobulin responsenot because unspecificbut do not know specificity thats the reasonWhere enriched dnt specific T cell comes form in long term primeDNP covalently linkd to generic carrierT cells will enventually interact with professional APC that has acquired DNP carrier chops it up expresses determinants derived from carrier in context of MHC class 2 it expressesResting T helper cell wil linteract with professional antigen cell e xpressing carrier peptidesbecomes acivatesB cellspick up DNP covanelty linked to carrierwill pick up DNAP because specific for DNPAnd because of covalent linkwill pick up carrier THUS must have carrier functionB cell activated because of MHC restricted interaction between T and B cellsBlastsgets biggerprecursor to cell divisionAntiDNP response rise and waning same as anticarrier responseAt LTPsacrifice animal isolate B cell populationscontain long term prime B cell populationsFrequency of DNP specific T cells more like 102 103a lot of dNP specific B cells per cultureLong term prime enriched expanded B cell populationreverted to resting statenow small resting lymphocyte During course of response on previous slideinteractions are not synchronousduring course of immune responseDNP specific T cells present at various stages of activation Mice are under constant antigen insult from environment of lab cage despite being immunizedimmune responses are happening at any given time Not deliberately immunized isolate B cell population from it plaquesee four to five hundred immunize secreting cellthese B cells involved in immune responseIncrease in number of B cells that is a parallel response to antigen specific responseDoes not require linked recognitionOngoinging asynchronous immune response in any animalSeparate physically based on state of activation Density of B cell changes with state of activation Mass of B cell is constantstart with small resting B cell with mass of X subject to MHC restricted TB interaction bcomes blast two or three times the diameter mass has not changed density hasFractionate cells based on density Substance in which B cells suspended called percolvery small particles of silica covered with polyvenyl perov Density of 12density of water is 1Add buffer to establish series of solutions with graded densities Cells of high bouyant density will float up
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