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Dana Philpott

LECTURE February 1, 2011 Different barriers prevent body from being infected by different microorganisms What happens if the microorganisms break through barriers Pathogens release MAMPs These microbial products detected by TLRNod Activates signal transduction response in cell Signal downstream to activate these transcription factors NFkappaB These transcriptioni factors produce mediators in inflammatory response to get ride of infection ALSO talked about DAMPS o Indogenous -released from dead or dying cells o Detected by NLRP o Once detected, also signal transduction response o Activates protein complex called inflammasome o Active inflammasome can process cytokines o Controls IL-1Beta Different receptors Innate immune mediators humoral secreted Cells involved in killing bacteria and microorganisms Secreted mediators of the innate system o Or they kill or protect General scheme of an innate immune response Bacteria, fungus, viruses come into contact with gut cells Break thorugh barrier changes cells Epithelial cells thus activated change gene profile to activate things that will kill bacteria Cell secretes the mediators involved in getting rid of bacteria Mediators called cytokines and chemokines o These call for reinforcements o Thus inflammation physiological feel Inflammation includes local heat, swelling, redness, pain, loss of function (in some cases, where the injury is) Cytokines and Chemokines Methods by which cells can talk to other celsl In intercellular communication Enhance cells ability to rid of microbial infections CHemokines o Family of proteins o Produced by infected cells o V. small
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