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LECTURE 5 ***Midterm on March 8 , but will not include the material taught on March 1 . st THE ADAPTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM David Vetter Brought attention to adaptive immune system, emphasized its importance Illustrate how important adaptive immune system is, without v. vulnerable to infection Innate immunity First response to foreign antigen A stopgap to stop host from dying outright BUT drawback: v. limited scope of antigen recognition How recognizes dangerous molecules, pathogens BUT do not recognize those molecules specifically o NO memory o Will respond in same way may be an over response o Difficult to manage o NOT A replacement to adaptive immunity Two types of lymphocytes T and B cells Edward Jenner invented coincept of vaccine mounting adaptive immune response to pathogen o So reexposure lifelong protective immunity memory All organisms have some form of innate immunity Including plants Only a small number of organisms have adaptive immunity o Vertebrates o Late event in evolution acquiring adaptive immunity Right side of cells of immune system Derive from myeloid progenitor o Cells of innate immune system Left Hand side lymphoid stem cell o Focus of todays lecture Stem cells entire immune system populated by stem cells o Stem cells will give rise to all cells of immune system T v. B cells T lymphocyte secretes products o Cell ejecting molecules out of its intracellular compartments o Ejected OUT Of cell
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