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thImm250 Lecture 1 Wed Jan 11 2012Main s How does the immune system deal w pathogens Epidemology how did a disease spread Was it person to person or animal to humanHistory of Immunology httpwwwnytimescom20111013science13plaguehtmlr2hpwBubonic plagueThe plague was a continual problem 3 serious plagues occurredThe Bubonic plague came from the east China Then started emerging in southern Europe and continued Deadliest pandemic in human history is Black Death B PlagueResponsible for killing 3060 of Europeans from 13501400 The deadliest hit in 1347 European population recovered after 1550Plague was thought to have spread through trade routes Through migrating to cities Farmers got itRats carried fleas the black colour rats which wasnt vicious to humans but they carried the bacteria Yersinia Pestis Catsthis time was considered evil therefore no one kept cats to eliminate ratsThe Mongol empire collapsed because of B DeathThe survivors of B Death had special genes to protect them Their immunity was well definedSurvivors had plenty resources Like land property food The church was responsible for medicine bishops were like doctors So therefore ppl were madthe church when they couldnt do anything about the illness The socio economical political impact The end of feudalism The development of middle classes Changes in agriculture There was plenty of farm land available and ppl took the opportunity to seize farm land But it was hard to find ppl to work the farm land because workers would ask foror compensation which was not widely practiced earlier Ppl persecuted Jews Gypsies and Lepers thought they might have caused the disease They perceived them as uncleanCynicisms for standard religionrise of radical credos Flagellants ppl started whipping themselves more thought that god was punishing themPpl thought the B Plague was caused by Comets They believed many diseases were caused by comets Syphilis This disease can make ppl go crazy Ivan the Terrible had it Maybe Hitler had it too
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