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LECTURE Feb. 152011 T-Cells Midterm approximately 2 hours, all Multiple choice questions Results will be posted before drop date March 1 material not covered on midterm T-cell triggered by antigen how? Adaptive immunity requires recognition of antigen; takes longer to develop, days to weeks; Can recognize 10 billion antigen specificities due to random rearrangement process in bone marrow at DVJ locus Highly variable immune system can recognize just about anything and everything Can improve as the response progresses TWO major subsets of lymphocytes B and T o B secrete antibodies which have same specificity as B cell receptor displayed on surface of B cell o T lymphocytes expand and become effector T cells Debate whether humoral or cellular immunity is more important Cellular response T cell response helped by dendritic cells Nave recipient someone who has never seen the infection before Ex. response to TB cannot transfer TB immunity with only serum Innate immune response does not work by clonal selection dumb immunity everybody responses and responses the same way but adaptive is more selective Adaptive immune responses Specific Diversity Memory Selfnon-self discrimination o Autoimmunity when own cells attacked by adaptive immune system Know when to wind down do not want it to be on all the time KNOW THESE HALLMARKS Antigens Displayed by pathogens Recognized by adaptive immune system Other potential antigens include self antigens, tumour antigens, transplanted tissue See portion of bacteria, called epitope
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