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University of Toronto St. George

st LECTURE 7 March 1 , 2011 MIDTERM: 36 multiple choice questions; 2158 in the medical sciences building for the tutorial Location is the lecture room Todays material will not be on the midterm Anatomical context where immune responses take place in body Movies are not testable material, just to fill in knowledge How do lymphocytes move around the human body? Lymphocyte migration o Lymphocytes always moving throughout body o Need to patrol body for infection, tumour cell growth or antigen, anything dangerous or foreign to host Lymphatic system network of conduits carrying lymph o plumbing o Anything dangerous is put into lymph nodes, where they are interrogated o Efferent going in o Afferent where lymphocytes leave the nodes Lymph interstitial fluid in tissues found between cells of body o Enters lymphatic vessels to be sampled in the lymph nodes Systemic infection, for example, spleen is first point of contact with immune cells with pathogen o Spleen filter agent for blood o Lymph nodes filter agent for lymph Dont need all lymph nodes to control body o Many can be absent o If one is absent the next one can take over the responsibilities Migration of lymphocytes Chemokines T cell will move towards chemokines T-cell chemokines different from b cell chemokines o Important to orchestrate cellular interactions for an immune response Chemokines work in a gradient o Imagine a drop of colouring into water o Concentration brightest at the source of chemokines Lymphocytes would keep going around in blood forever o But most infection they deal with are in tissue beds o So must enter lymph nodes to check for pathogen o They do so by sticking to endothelial cells of blood vessels, sense a chemokine gradient, and then squeeze through endothelial cells to get into tissues Proteins mediating sticking to the cells adhesion molecules
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