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Dana Philpott

Tutorials Wed, April 6 , 3-4pm, MC 102 Thursday April 7 , 3-4pm, MC 102 Final exam multiple choice covering everything taught in lecture April 28h Last lecture: Inflammatory response local tries to contain infection from where organism trying to enter Hygiene hypothesis society is too clean thus asthma, etc. developing When innate immune system overreacts SEPSIS o AKA SIRS o Response is inflammatory o Innate immunity typically local Inflammation occurs restricted to that site of infection Contained o In sepsis, ALL cells in body react to bacterial products, producing cytokines and inflammatory mediators Thus massive inflammation at whole body level Not restricted o Consequences Multiple organ dysfunction Often death Victims often children, immunocompromised individuals, elderly Their immune systems not as effective as healthy adults Mortality rate is approx 50% Ex. Pope John Paul II Incidence of sepsis versus more popular killers Sepsis has higher incidence Also for mortality, neck to neck with heart attacks Viral triggers of this immune response SARS o Coronovirus virus resembles crown o Pandemic defined as spread of infectious disease worldwide o Caused major problems o Spread within a matter of weeks Began in China o SARS Reservoir thought to be bats do not have overt disease symptoms Bats transferred virus to civets, then to humans Humans extremely susceptible to infection by this virus
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