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University of Toronto St. George

LECTURE 01 IMM250 Innate immune system swift response to keep infection from spreading Adapative immune system after several days, takes over for innate system Both overlap, no rigid division between the two The first two tutorials cover the term paper Epidemiology any age group, sex, geographic bias to the disease Note the superscripted number to cite; number corresponds to the number of the citation in list of references In OWN WORDS Select KEY source materials not many references estimated to be needed Review articles quite useful at this level Advised you to cite only those very seminal primary papers but not expected to have indepth understanding of primary papers 40% - covering adequately all the headings listed before Last 25% - synthesis of the information First turn the paper in in class, and second to 10% off for every day late for either submission Whats in colour is what is suspected of being plagiarized seems like student copied and pasted this is penalized Must be in OWN words This year, can submit to ahead of time to get own percentage But know that a certain level of duplication is expected Aim of todays lecture is to give overview of how we came about to understand the workings of the immune system Example to convince you that the ability of the immune system to respond to pathogens can shape society, history, politics, etc. Took 200 years for society to bounce back Todays route of spreading pathogens airplanes Then, it was trade routes Cities first attacked, then further dissemination to the countryside Rats spread it throughout cities, countryside, ships travelling along trade routes No natural predators for rats as cats were killed off Vulnerable groups were persecuted and blamed for the plague
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