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Masculinity or Musculinity good for essay

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Today’s theme
Different HK action stars, different roles
Clashes and convergences in time space and culture
Kung Fu as a complex symbol
Dumas see’s kung Fu as this central symbol
Ideology of the body violence and non-violence
Hybridity and intertextuality
Generic hybridity, the way that genre functions that are associated with each particular genre
Oriental ism, reception and nationality
Global international cinema, always important to remember that easterner viewpoint
Particular way of seeing, reception
Chow and Chan as HK stars
“Hong kongness” as distinct from “chineseness” kung Fu vs. wuxia
Rag to riches stories of Chan and chow as actor/stars
Interact with Hollywood in different ways
Hybrid in terms of genre, use western cinematic form and theme
Different interpolation of Hollywood
Steven chow is a Hong Kong director
Directed and stared in both Hollywood stared and Hong Kong films
Less self consciously hybrid
Interacts with Hollywood in different ways
Hong Kong Stars and Their Roles
Dumas on HK stars
Bruce lee as everyman/avatar of the oppressed
Jackie Chan as avatar of complex Hong Kong Identity
Hark, woo and Hung: east/west cinematic hybridity
Chow: international popularity and pastiche
Used western style or form in their film or applied eastern form to western films
Kung Fu hustle, post modern
Invoking [Hollywood] entire history
“Global integration” of film styles (peter Hitchcock)
Situation of nationality in cinema, and vice versa
Both retain and loss their identities
How can a nation place where a film is made affect the show or where the film takes place
change the show
How can cinema show how a nation views itself
9 genres shown in opening scene of Kung Fu hustle, is it all these genres or none
Hong Kong film set in shanghai, place called pigsty alley
Clashes: space, time, culture
All different ways, in which you see clashes in the film, clash that it is set in the 1940's and refers to
genres of film that are both set and made in the 1940s
Temporal slippage
This idea of one space standing for another space
Generic muddling
Sometimes it goes beyond hybridity to this melting pot of genres
Setting and space: pigsty alley and HK as liminal “no mans land” of identity
Lots of different reason for it and lots of different roles
In between space that represents Hong Kong itself
Hong Kong is neither British nor Chinese, it both and neither of those things it is in between
Aesthetic hybridity or confusion?
Refers to films made near or after 2000
Guys in suits reference to the matrix
Highly ironic, comedic, self aware, self conscious pastiche
Hybrid and intertextuality
Intertextuality of:
Choreographer (it's Yuen wo ping here too)
“intertexuality hall of mirrors... where one translation follows the other”(de kloet)
Something that just refer to something else or something that makes something new
Kung Fu and signification
Difference significance depending on context
Dumas “ideological ties” of kung Fu and how it came to be and their dissociation
Deformation vs. idealization of the body
Trans nationality, spectatorship and nostalgia
orientalism of the global spectator: romanticization of the other
Understanding of it as “the other” the easterner
Nostalgia for the Hong Kong that never was
Nostalgia for a past that never was
Global vs. local
Global reception effects global identity
Differences in reception and spectatorship
They are popular cause they are so accessible to the western spectator
What does it do to the Hong Kong cinema itself?
March 14
Masculinity, War and Action
In the first Rambo film, it relative of many American veterans
It’s a really dark meditation on violence and this lone figure,
This image of Rambo as aggressor is quite a fallacy
Not inherently violent has had violent thrust upon him
Today's Theme
The American warrior myth
Trace this through the western today
The Body, Politic
Movies of the 1980 were very political; the way the masculine body was portrayed was political
Regan was president and was stockpiling arms; he viewed it as an active threat
Masculinity, action and the (white male) body
Assumption that genre means women, or femininity, but masculinity is just as much genre as
The lure of the underdog
Merchandising action and consumer culture
Different level of engagement with the film
The American “warrior myth”
Genesis in the western mythos of domination and colonization
Early warrior – cowboy the frontier hero of the lawless west
Was this frontier that was out of control
Male hero usually white is there to defend America against what ever it is
Authority figures as heroes and villains
Police as the villain
Soldiers both hero and villains at the same time
Frontier outside the borders of America
What you got in the figure of Rambo is this really complicated hero
Post warrior: the troubled veteran and PTSD
Rambo was at one point a warrior and now he's kind of lost
Figure of posttraumatic stress disorder used to be called shell shock
Mythology of the soldier vs. the reality of the soldier
Action, Reagan and the Cold War
Excessive action onscreen: Vietnam and Reagan's Cold War arms Proliferation
Sense that the action film is associated with the right wing republican
Idea that a particular kind of action film, over aught over done action film is associated with the
glorification of war and it is slightly part 2 of Rambo is closer to this than part 1(which is anti
Terrorists and Freedom Fighters
There is a confusion b/w the two terms, who decides which side is right and which is wrong
Rambo is a complex figure he is both terrorist and freedom fighter
“War on drugs” and corruption of the body: Physical = moral health (tasker)
Internal war within the bounds on the body, not just a war against drugs dealers but about drugs in the
This idea of drugs in the body or society a corruption of the body
The irony of Schwarzeneggers “americanness”
Came to represent this specific American
Joined the iconography of American
Because he is an action star he has been able to become part of americanness
First blood as anti war Film (vs Sequel)