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LECTURENovember 25, 2010
Same part of speech
Symmetry and order
Similar ideas should have similar forms
oConceptual consistency mirrored in structural consistency
oFirst sentence prefer red because parallel structure in adjectives
oSecond sentence has a mixture of different parts of speech
No pattern versus first sentences pattern of parallelism
oFirst sentence = List and tricolon
o“adjective-noun” structure in the second example
oKaren Gordons examples
Present participle, then infinitive, then
Emphasis on consistency – if use article/preposition twice, then continue in all relevant places
If have on the other hand BEFORE THIS PUT on the one hand”
Parallelism used to highlight differences
One element is adjusted so a contrast is present
Note that words are nuanced, with subtleties
Periodic Sentence
Defer main point until end of the
Unfolds gradually
Running style in comparison is building up as it adds
Periodic style is adding to gain momentum
Almost like the Rogerian argument in terms of syntax
oRogerian argument defers thesis
oSentences defer main point
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