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20 Jan 2011

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LECTURE January 20th
Potentially reductive thinking
Banking, generalizing, judging, debate style argument, binary either or thinking
oPotentially advantageous BUT also recognize their limitations
Benefits gives presence, authors voice clear;
oDoes not mean writing is subjective
oMore active, honest
Negative implications
oNot enough authority to claim
oMakes focus on writer rather than the work
oFormality of the language I less formal
oCompromises the illusion of objectivity that authors want to have, if only
for appearances sake
oI may be influenced by assumptions around you, social, cultural,
historical, educational, etc. that shape the self
Trapped in assumptions that are rigidly the norm that no longer
questioned truth
I is not an island, isolated
Little space for individuality
You are encased in ideologies, informed by ideologies so difficult
to assert individual perspective
oBe aware of limitations so do not overuse I use only when rhetorically
oAs long as not consumed by some obsessive passion that delegitilimizes
the I
oV. Visvis uses I before thesis as a signpost to indicate the main claim
but I does not appear in the body of the paper
V. clear
I can also appear in major, major transitions
Sparing and judicious use at moments when reader should focus
Recommend: do not appear in conclusion, which may want to
sound more formal
oQualify the paper
Positive Strategies for Analysis
Slow down and notice details
oReread first reading for plot; second for patterns; third to organize
oGive yourself permission to dwell longer and more closely on the
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