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3 Feb 2011
Discrepancies between word and action HOW IS THE ARGUMENT BEING MADE???
Writing thesis different from writing annotation
Annotation will summarize the secondary research and criticize it
Thesis will not summarize essay
Primary essay thesis needs to critically engage with essay
oNot summary of content
oBut a critique
Thesis is critically engaging with the essay
Using Sources: Quoting
If passage is particularly striking
If need an authoritys support
oEspecially if your point is controversial, provocative, off-centre, etc.
If passage is worthy of further analysis
oIf particularly loaded and want to unpack its implications
If you want to directly disagree with someones point of view
oInclude source
oNeed introduction, some kind of context, who is speaker/writer
oMore analytical opener the better
oThe important point is do not just include without some kind of
explanation, context, or analysis
Do not assume quotation is not self-explanatory
oPunctuation used to introduce quotations
Do not use any punctuation when using conjunction that
oKeeping the context in mind and appropriately using the quotation, weave
it with own words
oVariation key
Use verbs precisely
oLong quotations, introduce with full sentence
Contextualize is key introduce with something substantial
If longer than four lines, set it off as a block quotation
Justified an inch to the left, not on the right
Parenthetical citation AFTER the period of final sentence
Introduction not enough
Need to be followed by analysis
Quotation not self-explanatory
Dont end a paragraph with a block quotation
oEllipses spaces between the three periods . . .
Something has been taken out of a sentence e
4 periods a sentence has been removed
Try to avoid omission is? Makes the reader wonder
For economy
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