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10 Feb 2011
LECTURE Feb. 10/2011
(Continuation of lecture 13…)
Quotations, paraphrase, summaries, facts used as evidence,
Are the facts common knowledge?
oIf so, may not need to give reference
Disputed facts or recently published data, need to cite
Distinctive or authoritative ideas
oShould cite
Claims: value, policy, fact
Want to back up the claim
Primary claim is the thesis
oWhat some feature or features might mean about some subject
oStaying the same throughout the essay
Thesis should change
Broad thesis that is repeated many times supporting general
idea, and not interrogating the material
This is a one-on-ten thesis
Overly general ten supported by 10 examples, then
Given catalogue of evidence, without any elaboration of
oArgument simply repeated
oCentral idea not evolving or motivating the paper
oSTATIC not going anywhere
IN CONTRAST, a more effective thesis evolves by gaining
complexity and accuracy
Still have a thesis
Adequacy considered from various angles
Have multiple perspectives
Weak theses most easily detected by predictability,
Weak thesis gaps in argument
There may be counterarguments that are ignored
5-paragraph form
Dont use this formula as template for the material
USE material to structure
Simplistic restrict thinking and development of ideas
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