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14 Feb 2011
INI115Y: Introduction to Film Studies
September 16, 2009
Calendar (Canada, 1993)
Directed by Atom Egoyan
Plot Summary A photographer and his wife take photographs of Armenian churches for
use in a calendar. Their dr iver, a local resident, expounds on the history of the churches
while the wife translates. The photographer becomes jealous of his wife's bonding with
the driver. In a series of f lash-forwards, the photographer stages identical dinners with
several women, who pretend to talk on the phone while he writes. His wife, now
estranged from him, leaves repeated messages on his answering machine, asking why he
never contacts her. Yet another thought-provoking look into strange, intertwined
relationships from the always enigmatic Egoyan.
Much more casually and r ichly than his other films forms are in the foreground of this
Repetition establishes predictability if something is repeated constantly, it could be
a motif
In Calendar a very obvious motif: calendar more subtle motif: colour of womens
hair in his dates ; position of t he translator and the driver in the frames of the f ilm
Disunity why is this footage technically disunited?
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