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INI100H1 Lecture Notes - The Impossible Voyage

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Vikki Visvis

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INI115Y: Introduction to Film Studies
October 1, 2009
Tutorial: Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958), The Impossible Voyage (France, 1904), excerpt
from Playtime (France/Italy, 1967), The Kid Brother (U.S. 1927)
‘Playtime Excerpt
Cause and effect people used as props
Choreographed scenes getting the story through the movements of the actors
Everything that is in front of the camera
Setting on set: more control on location: realism stylization
Difference between shot and frame
oFrame individual
oShot a chain of frames
Colour contrast
‘The Kid Brother’
Decor becomes props
Props turn into decor which then turns into a prop again
Lighting exaggerated lighting techniques
Costumes/ makeup Father’s jacket dress on the sheep older brother has a lot of
eye makeup on
Movement: no dialogue body language acting style serves the pur pose of the f ilm
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