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LECTURE March 10/2011
United States Post Office = title as a unit no possessive at end of States
N.B. If there are multiple interpretations and each has different grammatical marking,
then make a choice and then leave a marginal note to indicate which situation is assumed
Its is IT IS
Its is possessive ***
Verb with ing ending THAT IS USED AS A NOUN (sbj, object, etc.)
The staff objects to Kevins smoking
oPossessive needed
oSmoking is a noun here
oIn other words, the smoking of Kevin *****
Can act as subject; direct object (which answers who or what after an action
verb); indirect object (answers to whom or for whom the verb is doing)
Also as a prepositions object
oTricky here also since preposition use can be idiomatic
oRelates noun or pronoun to another word
As a predicate noun after a linking verb
oLinking verb is usually forms of be
Connect subject with noun or adjective in the predicate
oEx. The cat is black
The predicate is is black
Linking verb is is
oEx. G is an accountant
An accountant is the predicate noun because it is in the predicate
part of the sentence
NB. Action verb ex. runs, jump, plays
Versus Linking verb to be, to seem, to appear, etc.
Link subject part of sentence to the predicate part of sentence
As an appositive to any other noun
o Says something again using different words
oCan be short or long combination of words
oOften bracketed by commas, hyphen (in this case, em-dash = long dash,
two hyphens together, no space between word and the line)
As nouns in possessive case functioning as adjectives
oPrepositional phrase can act as an adjective
Whose coat is it?
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