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LECTURE March 31st, 2011
Grammar continued
It cleft
oStructure: It + form of be + X + subordinate clause
oAllows for emphasis of X
oNatural emphasis of where stress falls on X
oDelayed subject allows for emphasis of what comes next
oMay be redundant to begin with it- better to be active
oDo not overuse the it cleft but USE STRATEGICALLY
What cleft
oWhat X +verb + object
oSame issues as it cleft
oMost preferred out of the three, since it seems most active
There transformation
oRhetorical tool, particularly useful in spoken discourse, for instance
political talk
oIn academic writing, the active is preferred
oAppeal to pathos; stylistic flourish
Review of the grammar test:
Subject verb agreement, 1: find
oAgreeing with handymen
oKassam is subject, is is linking verb, followed by either predicate noun or
predicate adjective
oOf = prep
oOne has no relevance to the decision
oThose handymen who, which is a relative pronoun
Who, that, which start new miniclause
Agree with just what comes before it
o#33: same issue
Sally is subject
Friends is plural is choice is a
o#35: that characterize because simplifications is what agreed with
Paragraph with mixed errors
oA man, as well as a girl, WAS
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