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Lecture 5

Screening Notes Week 5

2 pages18 viewsWinter 2011

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INI222 Screening #5 10/2/11
Snake in the Eagles Shadow
Hollywood and transnational cinema
Reality and the Spectacular Body
Hong Kong action cinema and The Matrix: technologization of action
All of the choreography (when Neo and Morpheus fight, esp) is coordinated by the
same guy who dicrected Snake in the Eagles Shadow
The real/unreal body
Packing and special effects: undercranking vs. Bullet time
oUndercranking, makes a scene go faster, opposite of slow motion
The body vs. weapons: uneasy relationships
oUneasy relationship bw East and West. Moment in the film where the one
white guy in the film brings out a knife keep an eye on the relationship bw
the body and the weapon
Transnational connections
Jackie Chan: crossover star/director
Yuen Wo-Ping: crossover director/choreographer
Trans-Pacific traffic started in the 70s
Two-Way Street: Chuck Norris, George Lazenby
oNorris was a HK action star.
oQuestions what we think about whne we think of a HK or Hollywood star and
how we identify them.
Transnationality and Orientalism
oOrientalism reaction the western reaction to HK cinema
oWay Hollywood in egenral view HK cinema and stars as simultaneously being
unque, novel and either way way better or not nearly as good as Hollywood.
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