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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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INI 222 Week 6 Lecture 14/02/11
Kung Fu Hustle and Rush Hour
Different HK action stars, different roles.
Clashes and convergences in time, space and culture
Kung fu as complex symbol
Hybridity and intertextuality
Orientalism, reception and nationality
oPeople in the West have tended to see Easterns and movies they make in a
particular way. Romanticising it, and sometimes viewing it as inferior or
superior. Otherness.
Kung fu Hustle
oStephen chow, also made Shanghai Soccer (check this?)
oJackie Chan
Chow vs. Chan as HK stars
oHKness as distincy from Chineseness kung fu vs. wuxia
oRags-to-riches stories of Chan and Chow as actors/stars
oDifferent inerpolation into Hollywood.
oHybridity in chows films, but still a HK director.
oChan has directed and starred in both Hollywood and HK films. In Both
English and Cantonese.
oWays their similartes and differences have affected the way the star and
make films.
HK Stars and their roles
oDumas on HK stars:
Bruce lee as everyman/avatar of the oppressed
Everyman of the oppressed rising up
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