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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Corinn Columpar

Tuesday November 20, 2012 – FILM LECTURE Today’s topic: Avant-garde (or experimental) film Noteworthy clip for our topic today: From Babel (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu) Our protagonist has taken a drug, and as an audience we experience that drug as we see/hear the nightclub from her perspective. We never abandon the conventions of mainstream cinema entirely. We see close-ups of her friends so we know it is her perspective being relayed (shots are very subjective) We will see the world from atypical ways, we will experience it from different ways with avant-garde cinema. Avant-garde cinema: Very wide-ranging and diverse, contains films from many national/transnational contexts, come from different historical periods. Avant-garde cinema is typically characterized by: 1. An artisanal mode of production (rather than industrial). These films are made by a single artist or a skeletal crew because the amount of funding is limited. Avant- garde filmmakers see themselves as artists, their primary goal is the expression of their creativity and they want to have control over their work. 2. They are distributed and exhibited outside of commercial contexts (their circulation is very circumscribed to specialized spaces – universities, m
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