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Lecture 6

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INI215Y Week 6 10/15/2012 8:12:00 AM Introduction: What Happens in 1924? We are investigating the development of German cinema from the mid 1920s. This period sees a shift from German film’s rise to prominence and links with Expressionism to decline and links to Neue Sachlichkeit. (The New Objectivity) The year 1924 is a pertinent dividing line, both because the nature of the subject matter of German cinema changes, and because the industry begins to falter. The Kammerspielefilme and Die Neue Sachlichkeit The Gradual shift away from fantasy is due to Kammerspielefilme The influence of Expressionism in German cinema becomes far less marked during the second half of the decade, displaced by both the Kammerspielefilme and the street film.  Limited setting, plot development, and few characters  Kammerspielefilme shares qualities (emphasis on mood, intensity and intimacy) with its theatrical predecessor.  Cultivated intimacy by concentrating on psychological intensity in confined theatrical place.  Carl Mayer wrote the screenplays for virtually all of the important examples of Kammerspielefilme.  Writer is the main driver of the film  kammerspiele attempt to reduce amount of exposition by reducing intertitles. The intensity of expression relies on the cultivation of stimmung, “the vibrations of the German soul.” (Lotte Eisner)  The way that stimmung is conveyed the most is lighting. o lighting is constantly creating the sense of shimmering surfaces. Its not to create aesthetic, but to create stimmung atmosphere and a sense of constriction. The increasing emphasis on the everyday and the social roots of the action depicted, even more obvious in the street film, finds its equivalent in broader trends in art, labeled Die Neue Sachlichkeit (1924-29). The realistic observation of social reality could be pitiless and even cynical, as it depicted a country plagued by moral and spiritual decay.  Flesh. Consumerism.  If German Expressionism is concerned with the self, The New Objectivity is more concerned with depiction of society. =.=  Prostitute in street film. The Decline of the German Film Industry In some ways, hyperinflation helped the film industry, while stabilisation did not.
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