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INI215Y Lecture Week3-1 9/24/2012 8:12:00 AM Introduction: Two Phases of Early Film Style  Example of two different phases o Tom piper son o Musketeers of pigali (DW Smith)  How and why did cinema emerge at the end of the 19 thcentury th o Cultural: 19 century modernity’s changes to conceptions o time and space o Technological: REFER OUTLINE o Economic  Two distinct phases o 1895-1906/07 o 1907/08-1913  1907 was a pivot year: Charles Musser Reading o there is reason o we invested  Tom Gunning: change starts in 1908 o there is reason  Why is early cinema style different from the later style?  why did it change the ways that it did? Early Film Style as an Example of the Cinema of Attractions (The First Phase)  Understanding early cinema as a failed version of the classical style distorts its unique identity and suggests a teleological approach to the development of film style  Recall Gunning’s characterization of early cinema until 1907 as a cinema of attractions, aimed at display over storytelling. o They work towards the moment of display o Gunning: “The cinema of attractions directly solicits spectator attention, inciting visual curiosity and supplying pleasure through an exciting spectacle—a unique event, whether fictional or documentary, that is of interest in itself.” Early Film Style Before 1907  Earlier films tend to be quite short. o appeal to the desire to look  scophobilia  Even in multi-shot films, editing rarely functions to shape the action; instead, it highlights the novelty of a new view. o The cut is somehow an attraction o ex
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