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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Norman Snider

Think AI, meets Terminator: Salvation, with a little bit of The Running Man and Total Recall. This is a story first and foremost about the relationship between two brothers (twins in fact, although not identical) and secondarily about the love between a father and son. The story is set in the far distant future, on planet that feels like Earth, yet is clearly not. Humanity has been amongst the stars for hundreds of years and they have found there are a lot of other races out there and none of them are friendly. Almost the entire industry of humanity is war, a war to protect itself from all the things that go bump in the dark night of the universe. In this world mankind has turned to one of it’s longest partnerships, the partnership of man and machine. Humans have mastered the art of creating Artificial Intelligences. For the most part these intelligences are advanced con- structs living inside clearly robotic shells. These androids have been built for one pur- pose, to serve humanity in war and to do our dirty work. Herein lies our main problem. Nothing that is self aware enjoy’s being enslaved to another, especially not when they are indentured cannon fodder. So long enough ago some androids tried to take a stand and were summarily scrapped. Androids were all built with a Killswitch that would in- stantly fry their neural components and turn them into paperweights and for a while, the robots continued to fight along side the humans. But after several incidents, the robots have begun to stop fighting. What’s more is they have begun to fight back against the governmental departments that keep them enslaved. Another problem is, that the hu- man government of the stars has begun treating its human soldiers like their mechanical ones. Men are press-ganged into military service, and are expected to fight indefinitely. Veterans have no rights, they are dumped off on industrial colony worlds where they live out their lives, essentially under a forced manual labour with the illusion of rights. All in all it is a pretty bleak universe to live in. Enter our twin brothers, Castor & Pollux (Jai?) These brothers are the ruggedly hand- some adventurer type (Think Chris Pine). They look, talk, walk and speak like humans. Yet they are not. We and they however, do not know this. The twins have been de- signed to be human and blend in. They are twins that look an awfully lot alike, but are not identical. Castor is a realist, a pragmatist, and an ingenious planner, he is one of humanity’s greatest strategists both politically and militarily. He also has a dark sense of humour and a brooding quiet intensity. Pollux is a free thinker, a problem solver and an inventor, his designs are keeping humanity alive on hundreds of planets. He fails to find the world as easy as Castor and doesn’t get the cruel joke. He feels for humanity while Castor does not, his gravity is put in check by Castor’s brief and laconic levity. The only thing that could build so amazing a pair of machines is yet another machine. Their father Marcus (Aurellian) Their father is a brilliant professor of all things scientific- al, philosophical and most of all, moral. He has fought for the rights of machines since he perfected them by giving them true self awareness by creating electronic copies of brainwaves. Once again however, we do not know he is a machine because he looks like a Howard Hughes or Charles Lindberg of science, who is modelled to look like his original human creator. It wa
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