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INI115: Introduction to Film Study Lecture Outline Topic: Sound Date: 23 Oc ober 2012 Agenda: 1) Introduction to film sound 2) Functions of film sound 3) Fundamentals of film sound 4) Dimensions of film sound Introduction to film sound • Sound is distinct from mise-en-scène, cinematography, and editing in a couple of ways: it comes to us via a separate strand of technology, and it became a permanent component of film style much later historically. • Moreover, it often proves more difficult to analyze for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is generally considered ancillary to the film image and cannot be frozen in time for the purposes of study. • Have to be more attentive when we listen to the sound in movies Some of the most salient functions of film sound -to direct the spectator's attention • Auditory cues. • By making a sound mucho louder than the mother, causes or attention. -to shape how images are interpreted -to set mood -to create motifs -to define onscreen space and create off-screen space -to mask cuts (by creating expectations and through sound bridges and dialogue overlap) • Causing expectations -to enable silence to signify Fundamentals of film sound 1. Perceptual properties • types of sound: speech, music, and noise (or sound effects) • acoustic pr
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