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February 12 2013FILM LECTURETodays Topic Transforming GenreLast week we attempted to define genre This week we will see how genre is dynamic how it undergoes revision There are many catalysts that spur on generic transformation in genreTechnical changesIndustrial changesSociocultural changes There is a dynamic system of genre The Western is a relatively stable genre especially in terms of narrative conventions sound conventions but the Western as any genre is always developing in the socio cultural contextThe Western evolved in terms of technology wide screen technology was used color images began to be used Color technology began to be used in the 1940s There is also a different aspect ratio the screen used to be 1331 then it began to be 2351major leap The screen kept getting wider and wider with time ex In The Searchers the aspect ratio was 1751 Technology was very important in the Western since the changes were adopted very quickly by filmmakers The Western adapted in accordance with the new possibilitiesIndustrial changes There was a shift as the Hollywood System broke up Stagecoach was produced during the Golden Age during studio system many westerns were produced Then Westerns became much more personal projects Westerns from 1970 vs 2000westerns made in 2000s were made by independent filmmakers who worked in a more personal mode inspired by European art cinema This industrial change was linked to the end of the studio system
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