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University of Toronto St. George
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Corinn Columpar

April 2, 2013 – FILM LECTURE Today’s Topic: Film and the Transnational Final Exam: th Prof. Columpar’s office hours will be on Friday April 12 , from 3-5 PM. There is a study aidthosted on Blackboard, and a review session will be held on Thursday, April 11 . The time will be announced. The review session is entirely student driven, the students will lead the review. Part A: 10 min Part B: 15 min Part C: 25 min Part D: 40 min Parts E and F: 30 min each How long should the essay questions be? The short essay should be about 300 words. It’s about 2 shorter paragraphs or one lengthy paragraph. You can go longer however. The long one should be about 600 words (for each of the essays). Before going to exam, check the exam schedule to get the most up to date information. The exam for this course takes place in 2 different rooms. My Winnipeg is concerned with the specificity of place. How does that place shape subjectivity? What is the flip side of film and the nation? We will think about film and the transnational. There is a difference between international and transnational. Transnational is a far more favored term. Transnational employs the prefix “trans” which means across or beyond. It involves a sense of momentum, dynamism. It reflects the flows and exchanges in the political, economical, cultural domains that are so important today. These flows and exchanges are the product of globalization and computerization. The nation state as the most important imagined community to which one can belong is revoked today. Political entities like NATO or the EU, international free trade zones or multinational corporations, social entities have revoked the nation state. Film culture is a perfect barometer of transnational trends. Films have moved with ease around the world. The film festival has created a mobile for international film culture. Also with the Internet, films can be streamed around the world. As a result of these trends, we are currently experiencing a shift from world cinema to global cinema. Dudle
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