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Jessica Langer

Todays themeDifferent HK action stars different roles Clashes and convergences in time space and cultureKung Fu as a complex symbolDumas sees kung Fu as this central symbol Ideology of the body violence and nonviolence Hybridity and intertextuality Generic hybridity the way that genre functions that are associated with each particular genreOriental ism reception and nationality Global international cinema always important to remember that easterner viewpoint Particular way of seeing reception Chow and Chan as HK stars Hong kongness as distinct from chineseness kung Fu vs wuxiaRag to riches stories of Chan and chow as actorstarsInteract with Hollywood in different ways Hybrid in terms of genre use western cinematic form and theme Different interpolation of HollywoodSteven chow is a Hong Kong directorDirected and stared in both Hollywood stared and Hong Kong films Less self consciously hybrid Interacts with Hollywood in different ways Hong Kong Stars and Their Roles Dumas on HK stars Bruce lee as everymanavatar of the oppressedJackie Chan as avatar of complex Hong Kong Identity Hark woo and Hung eastwest cinematic hybridity Chow international popularity and pasticheUsed western style or form in their film or applied eastern form to western films Kung Fu hustle post modern Invoking Hollywood entire history Global integration of film styles peter HitchcockSituation of nationality in cinema and vice versa Both retain and loss their identitiesHow can a nation place where a film is made affect the show or where the film takes place change the showHow can cinema show how a nation views itself 9 genres shown in opening scene of Kung Fu hustle is it all these genres or none Hong Kong film set in shanghai place called pigsty alley Clashes space time cultureAll different ways in which you see clashes in the film clash that it is set in the 1940s and refers to genres of film that are both set and made in the 1940s Temporal slippage This idea of one space standing for another space
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