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Vikki Visvis

*** look at the colour-coded copy of Kings letter, to be emulated for own work Lecture Fallacies continued; Classical and neoclassical arguments Faulty use of authority or appeal to authority - what an authority believes is true, thus true - checklist o make sure authority IS an authority o always check other authoritative opinions o is this one authoritys opinion representative of entirety expert opinion Guilt by association - form of distraction distracting from issue at hand Dogmatism - shuts down discussionfurther debate - final stand on issue - closed to further opinions - present in Hitler piece - for educated audience, not so well - for desperate, insecure audience, very effective offers certainty, stability Moral equivalence - form of hyperbole, exaggeration Ad hominem - Latin for against the manperson - 1, attack maker of claim - 2, suggest attack on person is way to undermine argument - actually two separate things, but made to seem same - claim maker not to be trusted - flaw in character of claim maker has no bearing on logical soundness of his or her argument - CLAIM IS AVOIDED distraction - TYPE 1: Abusive personal attack used as substitution of critique of their argument o Fallacious because insults do not undermine or affect the argument in question o Frequently used by politicians keen for votes o Governors outed as having affairs, resigning fallacious thinking that marital troubles indicate poor governing skills - TYPE 2: Circumstantial o Claim maker motivated by self-interest, dogmatic bias o Gets around issue
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