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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Vikki Visvis

LECTURE November 4 Anaphora - In second example, despite the slight variation (to and from), still example of anaphora because of the repetition of books - Repetition of not and therefore in last example - ANY PART OF SPEECH - Norman Mailer: beautiful and because - ***Look for repetition, and look for where it occurs, what is repeatedto determine type of rhetorical device - If used just twice, allows for parallel structure, a sense of balance - Take advantage of rhythmic beat of anaphora Epistrophe - think apostrophe, which comes at the end of the word o so this is anaphora of the last word(s) - delayed emphasis last thing heard, so will tend to remember - choice of words repeated is IMPORTANT make sure an important concept is being emphasized Anadiplosis - repeats last word at end of one phrase at beginning of following - careful slippery slope: leap i
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