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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Vikki Visvis

LECTURE November 11 Rhetorical Question - if merely asked for effect, with no answer expected - purpose: question encodes answer; answer already embedded - can make a claim - IN ACADEMIC WRITING: If using rhetorical question, then must provide an ANSWER o What do you do if you have this and this? The answer will be the thesis o Can be used to set up a rebuttal for counter-argument - Audience also important you want the audience to answer the way you intend the question to be answered o Cannot assume your answer will be consistent with audience o Ensure that the answer is encoded in the audience, their values, etc. Otherwise, provide evidence to provide support o BE AWARE OF AUDIENCE - Be careful not to be absurd *** - To get the reader to think, query, and conclude along with the writer - Emphasis, provocation, or drawing conclusion Tricolon - the number three significant in a Western, European cultureliterature -
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