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Innis College Courses
Vikki Visvis

LECTURE November 18, 2010 Want to be precise in diction Inflated language gratuitously used can confuse These big words can be nuances that the smaller alternatives do not have Think about intended meaning and audience o Sometimes the simpler alternative is better in terms of context and audience Often cause of convoluted language is stalling no clue what to say next so Grammar issues o What is the subject? What is the verb? What is the object? o Otherwise, if kept building up the sentence, it becomes confusing and painful o Clauses should be clearer, tightly controlled o Jargon removed The pre-translation examples are NOT good writing o But dependent on the audience Techniques to avoid excess Avoid expletives Avoid clichs because this drops the register, makes it less formal Jargon = in-crowd shorthand o May be pretentious BUT o May be essential allow members of a groupdiscipline to communicate more effectively o Approaches Address insiders by appropriateaccurate use Address outsiders by defining jargon carefully or replace with a equally formal term that is synonymous Euph
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