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Vikki Visvis

LECTURE 11 Communication critics examine film, popular media, popular culture - According to Sillar and Gronbeck - Texere, Latin for to weave o Something in the process of being made - Roland Barthes distinguishes between text and work o Work is complete ie. speech, novel, film o Text is always in process, not fixed o Work is read under myth affiliation o Versus text is read in a vast network of intertextuality o So text and work cannot be used interchangeably o They are ways of perceiving writing o Once complete, work is complete text comes to life authors intent is one of many interpretations by readers - Hamlet thought of as a work stable, variable because of multiple versions o But as a text Hamlet is never complete, open to more interpretations Seen as study of psychological effects of murder, morality play, indecisions significance, etc. o Ultimately, author is another reader, producing meaning in a different way - Internet media is a text, as it can change (ie. Wikipedia) - Versus tax law, or something nobody will ever read, is work wholly Communication criticism involves making a text out of a work so as to provide readers with a critical understanding - MAKING A TEXT OUT OF A WORK o Taking part of work and analyzing its implications Text for analysis - Thematic category (ethos, pathos, logos), or Portion of work that reader will be engaging and interacting with Communication criticism is critical analysis How to analyze the text - Accurate interpretation - Formal criticism - Neoclassical criticism - Semiotics - Social codes - Ideological criticism - Psychoanalytical criticism - Narrative analysis - Value analysis - CAN OVERLAP, but tend to have an emphasis - BE SELFCONSCIOUS OF WHICH APPROACH USEDUSING Audience and rhetorical strategies neoclassical criticisms - effects of message on message group
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