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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Vikki Visvis

th LECTURE January 20 Potentially reductive thinking Banking, generalizing, judging, debate style argument, binary either or thinking o Potentially advantageous BUT also recognize their limitations Continuing Personalizing Discipline-specific Benefits gives presence, authors voice clear; o Does not mean writing is subjective o More active, honest Negative implications o Not enough authority to claim o Makes focus on writer rather than the work o Formality of the language I less formal o Compromises the illusion of objectivity that authors want to have, if only for appearances sake o I may be influenced by assumptions around you, social, cultural, historical, educational, etc. that shape the self Trapped in assumptions that are rigidly the norm that no longer questioned truth I is not an island, isolated Little space for individuality You are encased in ideologies, informed by ideologies so difficult to assert individual perspective Overcoming o Be aware of limitations so do not overuse I use only when rhetorically effectively o As long as not consumed by some obsessive passion that delegitilimizes the I o V. Visvis uses I before thesis as a signpost to indicate the main claim but I does not appear in the body of the paper V. clear I can also appear in major, major transitions Sparing and judicious use at moments when reader should focus Recommend: do not appear in conclusion, which may want to sound more formal o Qualify the paper Positive Strategies for Analysis Slow down and notice details o Reread first reading for plot; second for patterns; third to organize patterns o Give yourself permission to dwell longer and more closely on the data
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